About Us



Allan Schulte, President and Director of Lotus Stress Relief Center, LLC is one of the leaders in the field of energetic medicine in the United States and globally. Seeing the need for cutting edge applications of complementary medicine, Mr. Schulte founded Quantum Wellness Center in 2000. and Lotus Stress Relief in 2008. Mr. Schulte studied and gained his certification in the field of bioresonance and biofeedback in California. He trained in San Diego, at New Hope University, and did additional training in California, Mexico, Germany and Budapest, Hungary. He is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana where he earned a degree in Communications. He also holds a degree in biofeedback from the Quantum Life Institute in California. Mr. Schulte studied business at the Northeastern Small Business Institute in Boston. He gained his PhD in Psychology from Belford University in Texas. Mr. Schulte holds an international license as a biofeedback practitioner and a top-level group trainer with IMUNE – the International Medical University for Natural Education based in the United Kingdom.

Mr. Schulte has been very involved in the development of biofeedback , bioresonance, and bioinformation as a way of relieving stress so that the body can heal itself. His company is known for the strength of its online training courses.  Mr. Schulte and his team have been doing training sessions for biofeedback practices and have been helping individuals to start their own practices for over six years. Students come to them from all around the US, Canada and the world.



Marcia is the Office Manager and Director of Communications. She has an undergraduate degree from Hiram College in Hiram, Ohio, and a master’s degree from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland. She has a background in education and communications and also does health care writing and medical editing. She has been a facilitator for A Course In Miracles and The Artist’s Way. She has been trained as a Reiki healer and in both biofeedback and bioresonance. She is a strong advocate for arts in the public schools.



Therapist Evan Schulte works energetically to relieve stress from physical and emotional blockages. She has completed advanced training for Human Growth, Development and Recovery to help clear physical and emotional trauma held in our energetic memory. This helps achieve emotional freedom and physical wellness on the deepest levels. Evan is a graduate of Ringling School of Art & Design and received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Interior Design. She is particularly interested in environmental interior design (using non-toxic products for building and design) and helping her clients to gain a better awareness of the environment. Apart from working with people on biofeedback equipment, she is also using it to correct the interior energy of homes. Evan is a certified by NBCB as a biofeedback therapist who focuses on human and interior health. Currently, Evan is has IMUNE certification in biofeedback from International Medical University for Natural Education based in the UK. She is both a talented biofeedback practitioner and trainer with her own training DVDs.