The Quantum 24-7 Healing program is the perpetual part of our Distance Healing program. We are one of the world’s leaders in Distance Healing. You can schedule an appointment for distance healing by going to our website, www.distancehealing.net In addition to your 24-7 Energetic Balancing, the distance healing can give you detailed biofeedback therapy on the Physical, Emotional and Spiritual levels that can help you to achieve better health and well-being.


The subject of Distance Healing is becoming more mainline in the United States and around the world. (See article: U.S. Funds Study of Long-Distance Healing, Los Angeles Times, June 23, 2005)

Distance Healing, or Distant Healing, has been the subject of many conferences in the past decade. Scientific studies at hospitals have shown definite progress in patients who have had the benefit of prayer. But the prayer needs to be focused. A person prayed for 15 minutes daily shows little progress. But persons prayed for 60 minutes daily have shown considerable progress. With our Quantum process, focusing on biofeedback for a minimum of an hour at a time seems to help produce results. Think of Quantum distance sessions as being like a prayer. In Quantum, everything is based on intent. If our intent is to help you heal, and you decide that you truly want to heal yourself, the combination can be very powerful. Plus we add the scientific aspect of bio-information and biofeedback.

Our systems can read the body at the speed of a computer – leading to non-invasive ways of balancing the body’s bio-information system. Our systems are the most profound energetic medicine systems in the world, operating at the cutting edge of energetic biofeedback. We use a state of the art biofeedback system, which among many features, allows us to do stress detection and stress reduction at a distance.

How are we able to help our clients at a distance? You are probably already used to many forms of wireless communications — such as garage door openers, television remotes and cell phones. They work on the principle of a sender, a receiver, and an exact frequency. Our quantum systems are non-linear, non-analog, digitally based. In quantum, there is no distance. Everything is inter-connected. What we would call “space,” quantum calls “subspace.” Thus, in Quantum, we work in subspace. Our system is the sender, the client is the receiver, the frequencies travel rapidly at approximately half the speed of light.

Our biofeedback systems read and adjust the body at a distance by zeroing into the client’s resonant frequency pattern. Every person has a unique, one of a kind, resonant frequency pattern. Once we establish the client’s pattern, we can, with their permission, access them no matter where they are on the surface of the earth and rebalance their system.

The accuracy and scientific reliability of our systems is based on decades of research conducted in the field of bio-response medicine. Science has shown us that the body is indeed electric; therefore electrical reactivity in the body can be measured via responses to impedance, amperage, voltage, capacitance, inductance and specific frequencies. Our systems measure sixteen standard electrical parameters of the body beyond just simple resistance. This makes our systems unique. Trivector resonant frequencies (a mathematical calculation of the relationship between voltage, amperage and resistance) of substances are compared to the trivector resonant frequencies of the client.

When we test a client at a distance, our devices resonate with thousands of tissues, organs, nutrients, toxins and allergens for one hundredth of a second each, and records the degree to which the body reacts. This type of rapid testing is known as the Xrroid process. Our systems combine quantum physics, emerging computer technology, non-linear mathematics into a device that minimizes human bias and error. One of the important parts of a distance therapy is that it compares the body’s tri-vector resonant frequencies, a complex mathematical calculation relating voltage, amperage and resistance — of the body — with nearly 7,000 known compounds stored in our database. This enables us to read stresses in the client’s system. By stresses, think in terms of all those things we’re born with, or that happen to us, or that get into the body from the environment — things that can cause “disease.”

Our systems identify and measure the stress levels with electro-muscular responses. Our systems are completely independent of user-error, personal bias or machine malfunction. They establish a tri-vector relationship between the body being tested, and the compound database, offering a 3-dimensional view of the body’s health. Because it maintains a hand-shake between the computer and the client’s subconscious for nano-second bio-response testing, this means that the system samples your body many times every second.

One of our primary missions is to pinpoint areas of specific stresses and relieve them through biofeedback. This frees the body’s energy from coping with stresses, to being able to build energy to heal the disease. Our systems work on the physical, mental and emotional levels because all three react in the body electro-magnetically, and can be accurately measured. Since 75%-85% of all diseases have their roots in mental-emotional stresses, we can help in many ways to relieve the stresses that may have caused the disease in the first place.

It is the intent of Quantum Distance Healing to promote self-healing through Information, biofeedback, healing frequencies and emotional support.