Many people use our distance biofeedback services to balance themselves out when they become over-stressed, hyper, worrying, or anxious. Others use us to help them erase traumas, negative loops in their thinking, and general negativities. Others use us for helping with addictive programming they want to dissolve. Yet, others have us boost them at times when they know they have to be their best and not let stress get to them. (Presentations, Speeches, Family gatherings, Weddings, etc.)

Once you have signed on, we will send you a journal to assist you in tracking your changes.

Lotus Stress Relief, the parent company, is very skilled with sophisticated biofeedback and can do single sessions, for schedule you for multiple sessions to help you with health problems, emotional problems or life improvement sessions.

Many of our clients who do distance work are on the Quantum 24-7 program to keep them consistently balanced and in tune. See the DISTANCE button for more information on sessions.