There are many options available to you for ongoing support with the 24-7 Healing Program.  Choose your package to receive ongoing energetic balancing and support.

3 Months: $149

6 Months: $275

12 Months: $499

60 Months: $1,499

Multiple Registration Discounts:
There are great discounts for a spouse or additional family members.  Each additional person receives a 25% discount on all package prices continually.

Additional Discounts:
Discounts for the Military. Active military duty is at 40% off, with proof of active duty.
Discounts for Pets. All animals and pets are at 25% discount.
Discounts for the Disabled. Those on disability can a receive 25% discount.
Discounts for Buildings, Businesses and Land. Any building, business and land property are at $365 per year. (A dollar a day.)

The 24-7 Healing program does not diagnose, treat, cure or heal.  Clients with medical conditions are encouraged to seek professional medical care.