“I just want to share with you how we are all doing since we started the 24-7 program. Lots of changes going on in each of us. My digestive system is improving daily which is a HUGE blessing for me. Everyone is experiencing more energy. Some issues seem to be IN YOUR FACE more then before and so for a person like me who avoids confrontation it is uncomfortable at times, but I am going with the flow instead of “hiding” from the issues.”

“My husband and I are getting along so well. You know how you feel when you hold feelings inside and eventually you could just burst ? Well we had about a month of really expressing ourselves, the feeling was so strong that you just had to say what you had been keeping inside for so long. Well now there is just this peacefulness between us. When I look back I can’t put a finger on the exact turning point or what was even said exactly just this incredible feeling of “Everything is ok”. We were talking about it at work the other evening and I said did you notice how well we get along? He said yes, it sure does feel good. My daughter was over the other evening and we had some friends over and she made the comment ” I like being on the frequency machine so much that I think I will be on it the rest of my life! So there you have it….. We Love being on the Frequency Machine!!!!!!!!!”

–Wendy Sandquist