The Spiritual Connection

The quest for the spiritual is one of the most important values of our time. What does it mean to want Spirit in your life, or to be spiritual? It’s really the desire to connect with God, or God-energy, or Source, or Spirit-energy.

The Quantum 24-7 program is a way to stay connected with Spirit constantly — day and night — even if you don’t have the time to pray or meditate. With our system, you are constantly connected to Spirit. It’s like being connected to a high speed internet access – spiritually — all the time!

All the words that you see woven into our Quantum 24-7 site are key words for the spiritual dimensions of your life. They include: Consciousness, Well-being, Meaning of Life, Mission, Prayer, Life Purpose, Giving, Gratitude, Service.

The thirst for the Spiritual in your life represents your desire for a richer, fuller life. It represents the desire for fulfillment, enjoyment, wholeness, connection with Source.

It also represents your desire for being part of another dimension that is beautiful, full of freedom, beauty, light and peace.

Connection to our Quantum Spirit energy like is a living, breathing connection. It helps to transform your awareness, it helps you move beyond the fog of lower energy forms of life. It helps to speed up your vibration, moving you up to a life with fewer problems and greater Peace of Mind.

Many studies have shown the extraordinary power of prayer in healing. Did you know that 90% of Americans pray, and that 80% of Americans believe that prayer heals.

The Power of Prayer is an important part of this flow. Quantum 24-7 is not affiliated with or connected to any religious organization. We are a strictly spiritual organization, with spiritual values and spiritual accomplishments. It is our mission to help form a connection – a bridge — between everyday life and the spiritual dimension.

It is our intention to help you by creating a way for you to stay connected with Spirit, at the same time that you are co-creating with Source. This is a highly-charged opportunity. We help to set the right tone for you and to keep that tone running in the background so you can stay tuned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Now that’s service!